Sunday, February 10, 2008

He's NOT my DAD!

Saturday we took a little trip to Winslow to go to Walmart with Kyle's mom... we're just walking around, getting all the stuff that Kyle's mom was in need of.. and we happened to be in the food section. Let me paint a picture for you...
We're walking down the bakery section...
thinking.... We wish there was little food samplers like Sams Club and Costco..
What do you know?! There happen to be a stand right ahead!
The Lady working there looks at Kyle and says "Would you a sample?!" Kyle replies "Sure! But there are three different kind, which one should I choose?!" The Woman replies "You can try all three if you would like."

I know what I want... so I say "I think I'll have this one..." and I reach out to get one..

The Lady grabs my hand and says "Don't touch the table!! If you would like one you can ask your father and he get get one for you!"

Astonished, I look at Kyle and say... "This is my husband!" and Kyle says almost as astonished, and at the same time "This is my wife!" as we both reach in to hug each other

The lady looks at us in amazement and apologetic... so I look at Kyle and ask "Dad- is it ok if I have some?!"

We can't decide if it was a compliment or not... or who the compliment would be to... any suggestions?! haha


Steven & Meghan said...

Alli, I just have to say that i was reading this and busting up so I read it to Steven and he was laughing just as hard. That's seriously hilarious and no, Kyle does not look old enough to be your dad! Not even close! And I'm not sure who the compliment would be to least when you're older you'll still look young!

Carbonneau said...

CRAZY food sampler giver-outer people!! We have seen some pretty psycho food handlers at Sams club as well, kind of funny after the fact...AND NO Kyle does NOT look like he could be your

Stormy said...

HA HA HA I actually laughed out loud so hard at that one! That is freaking hilarious! What the heck was that lady thinking?! And P.S. I'm so JEALOUS you are going to New York! Thats AWESOME!