Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm going.. SNOWBOARDING!! yay

Can I just say that I am totally excited about for this weekend and monday?!?!! This Friday night we're going to see my parents, which I always love to do, for my Mom's birthday. I'm really excited because all the kids are coming and I know how much she loves to have her family together. annnddd Monday... we're going snowboarding!!! I haven't been in like 3 or 4 years and I'm really excited that I get to go again!
When we were younger our Dad would take us kids skiing every year, but the past few years we haven't been able to so it's going to be really fun to go with us four kids again! It would be even awesomer (if that's a word) if my dad was able to get off work, but it's kind of short notice so we're not sure if he'll be able to, but we'll keep our fingers crossed!
Kyle has never been (his family went to Hawaii, our family went skiing and Disneyland, rough lives huh? haha jk) so we're really excited to see him the first couple runs down the slope! He's really good at picking things up though so I'm sure he'll do juuustt fine. I'm so excited!! YAY!
I have officially completed my scrapbook of our wedding and Hawaii (minus our snorkling page because they were on an underwater camera and I'm lazy and haven't gotten it developed yet) I'm so super proud of myself! :) Meghan gave me a super good idea on her blog (thanks meghan!) I got a mini-scrapbook for Christmas and since I have nothing else to scrapbook, i could start on our First year! like first house, first christmas, thanksgiving.. all that kinds of stuff.. I never thought about doing that before but I really liked her idea!
Did I mention that I'm going snowboarding on Monday?! and that I'm super excited about it?!


Steven & Meghan said...

Alli! It's going to be snowing while we are there. They are supposed to get 6 inches today, 13 inches tonight, and more snowfall on Monday! Hopefully it won't be miserable with the blowing wind and a snowstorm!

Chris and Jerrae said...

I want to to hear all about it when you get back- check out my blog for my first snowboarding experience!! Let's just say hopefully your better than I!