Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holidays begin!

Kyle seems to keep this pretty updated with all his school jazz- so I think it's my turn to keep ya updated on our other lives :) Two weekends ago we were able to go do to Tucson for my nephew Wesly's 3rd birthday, I can't believe he is already three! We had a total blast hanging out with the family and Kati's family. We went to the park and played kick ball, football, and watched the bottle rockets go off. It was nice to get outside and play for a little bit. Then we went back to Chris and Kati's house and had pizza and amazing pumpkin rolls and we played a very exciting game of spoons.. man those Pike kids are rough! :) I held my own pretty well though.
Two days after we left Kati had the new baby.. Nathan Douglas, I haven't been able to see him in person yet, but in pictures his just as precious as the other two boys :) I'm excited for Christmas to see him.
This Thanksgiving we spent with Kyle's family, and I was so super excited when I found out Stormy was going to come over too! The food, of course, was amazing! I was a little sad that we didn't have the green jello salad, but that must be a Carbonneau thing :) After we ate, we went to the Sand Dunes... which I wasn't excited for what so ever.. my stubbornness kicked in and I decided I wasn't going until Kyle's mom told me I had too.. can't fight with that :) I'm glad I went though, it was really fun. When I think of Sand Dunes I think of the ones in Buckeye.. it's just sand what's so special about that? But this is like the finest sand EVER and it's in a HUGE hill so you like jump of the top and roll down in the sand, it's really fun! I pushed Stormy a couple times and we had a little sand fight, and there wasn't a piece of clothing that was on me that wasn't filled with sand.
We put our Christmas tree up! We got everything at good ol' Alco.. it's like a walmart but Holbrook style. We didn't have anything to go on the top so we made something from construction paper, but hey i think it looks pretty good! This Sunday Stormy and her new bo Mr. Josh is coming over and we're gonna make gingerbread houses (one of my favorite Christmas crafts!) and that will be REALLY fun, I'm excited! I have two weeks left in school till finals, so wish me luck! We love you all!


Brent & Jodie said...

Love the update and Love your tree! Isn't Alco the best. hehehehe Okay, it's no Wal-Mart but it's better than nothing. You need to upload more pics of the inside of your house. (Bossy, aren't I?)

Steven & Meghan said...

Alli, I was asking for the same thing! We didn't have any green jello salad cause when I was asking for it NOBODY knew what it was!!!! I was disappointed, even though we did have a great dinner. We miss you guys being down here. Wings, hanging out at mom and dad's, yeah, all that stuff.

Chris and Jerrae said...

Oh my goodness, when I read my blog I was Like "alli G" weird the only alli I ever new was Alli C. I figured you enter in to the eternal bliss of matrimony and got a new last name too. Looks like you guys are meant for each other and just have the sweetest lives. Your totally added to my blogging friends.

Stormy said...

ha ha well i'm glad you made it clear that your the one that pushed me and started the sand fights... and thanks for mentioning my new bo.. ha ha.. i hate my life :)