Monday, November 12, 2007

Kyle In Real Life

So this last week has been crazy to say the least. Tuesday was the George Gardner Memorial Show Choir Festival and I took my Audition Choir (Voce) to that that. I was very proud of them they did awesome. I would say we were the Second best group there but of course I am a little biased. Snowflake was hands down the best but I think in a couple of years we can be as good as them. :) I have already talked to Mindy Flake (the snowflake director) about bringing my choir up to work with hers I figure if we want to be the best we need to surround ourselves with the best. The choir had a good time hitting on all the girls and guys there. 3 of the guys even went to breakfast with the snowflake choir. They were loving that. We also were able to spend a couple hours that day just playing games like Dippity Dippity Dip and Kye, I even learned a new one Called Chicken Taco that was a lot of fun. Then when the Voce performed our last song is called Voice Dance and Kellie did an awesome job of giving us some fun tribal choreography and made us some cool rip away skirts. So I let the guys go without shirts and just paint their body's in white "war" paint. This was done under the black light so it had a really cool effect and for any of you who have ever been to the Show Choir Festival you know who got the loudest cheer of the day. :)
I thought I was tired after that but I was wrong because the nest day I took 19 Jr. High students to the their regionals in Round Valley. This was a lot of fun as well because I got to see my Mentor Teacher Mrs. Turley who was the Choir Clinician. I taught my choir one of the warm ups she always did about Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies and we bought her a package of Nutter Butters and did the warm up for when we first got there, she loved it and my students got to connect with clinician right from the beginning so it was good. During the lunch break we played all the games again that we did the day before I have a feeling before long I am going to get pretty god at these games. Its fun though and it seems my groups are the loudest ones at all these events haha who would have thought. Its ok though we are friendly and invite anyone who wants to join in. The groups sounded really good by the end of the day and everyone had a great time. The next couple days were catch up days for me.
Friday though alli and I decided to go to flagstaff and go to dinner and a movie. We saw "Dan In Real Life" It was a great movie we thought, of course I have to confess I am a huge Steve Carrell Fan. I think he is the greatest actor alive right now haha. Then after we went to Garcia's I haven't had the Pollo Fundido in a long time so it hit the spot.
Well Next up Christmas concerts so hopefully I have a little time to catch up.

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Stormy said...

Ok that really is a GREAT movie! I absolutely loved it! I'm so sad you guys were here and I couldnt see you! :(