Sunday, November 4, 2007

The days or our lives... continued

You heard the days of Kyle's life- so he handed me the computer and said "ok your turn" :)
The past 3 weeks I've been in a kindergarten class.. what a treat :) I have 18 kids constantly saying "Teacher Teacher, Teacher Teacher" but they are so fun.. they are mesmerized by the simplest thing.. for Halloween we did a bunch of stuff w/ pumpkins and they were amazed that a pumpkin could float- they are too cute. At the end of the day I'm definitely ready to come home- but they are pretty fun :) School has been going really well... for the most part. I am really enjoying my Excel class and I am learning so much that I didn't know I could do with it. I have a Biology class that I am so ready to be done with.. my teacher is a real piece of work and I'm really excited that I only have 5 more weeks left with him. I can't believe that it is already November! I am pretty sure I'll be attending NAU next semester and finally work toward my BA.. I'm really excited to get into the teaching classes and be done with these classes that I feel like are a waste of time.

This last week I don't think there was a day that Kyle and I had more than an hour together before we went to sleep.. he's a pretty busy guy- and his mom said it only gets worse :/ I'm not excited for that, but he loves what he does and that's what matters. I'm trying to talk him into building me a house this summer- and I'm pretty sure we can do it, but we'll see what happens :). Zeus is doing good (he's our puppy) he's home a lot by himself and that makes me sad.. and I think he's jealous of Kyle, they other night kyle kissed me and Zeus like jumped on me and started licking me, and then he would glare at kyle and then lick me again- it was pretty halarious. He's getting neutured this coming Saturday- so he's really excited about that :).

Kyle ratted me out- I'm super duper baby hungry :) and we'll keep you updated on that when there's something to update :) Well it's time to get ready to go for the weekly Sunday dinner at Kyle's moms- I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and hope everything is going well!

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Stormy said...

you baby hungry? no way! I hope theres an update soon :)