Sunday, November 4, 2007

These are the days of our lives...

Life has been hectic as usual and doesn't show signs of slowing down any time soon. Yesterday Alli, Mom, and I went to the temple in Snowflake. It was really nice to get out of the world for a few hours. Alli says she is starting to remember things from the sessions now so thats good, now we just need to get back more often. After we got out of the temple we went on up to Show Low for the Walmart since Holbrook doesn't have the best selection of stores. :) After, my Mom treated us to dinner at a nice little Mexican Restaurant in Snowflake. By the time we got home the ASU game was already over which probably wasn't a bad thing since they lost.
School is going really well for me, my High School groups have both performed twice already. Once at the state fair and at our Fall Concert. This week Voce (the audition choir) is going to the George Gardner Show Choir Festival so I am excited about that. I get to direct the Old Irish Blessing with all the groups up there so that should be a lot of fun. That was the song that my Dad used to end all of his concerts as a teacher. The day after the Show Choir Festival I am taking my Jr. High kids to Round Valley for Jr. High regionals, I am excited for that because the Choir clinician is Mrs. Turley who was my mentor teacher. We've already started preparing for the Christmas concert and hopefully we'll be ready for that by the 13th of December, can you believe Christmas is coming that fast? I can't. We are also already trying to get ready for our Musical Review next semester so if anybody knows any really good songs from Musicals that we should do let me know. :)
Being the 1st Counselor in the Young Men's has been fun we are still trying to get things figured out but the last couple weeks we have been making a movie (survivor scouts) and that has been pretty fun. Anyway all together things are great I can't complain a bit. Alli has been incredibly supportive for all I have had to put her through this semester. She is amazing working full time going to school full time and helping me with all my extra music concerts and trips I don't know how she does it without losing her mind. One of these days were actually going to have time with each other, well unless she gets her wish... She wants a baby... A woman who knows I guess :) The days of our life are good :)

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