Monday, December 17, 2007

And I thought college was rough

When I was in college I always looked forward to Christmas break with great anticipation. Well that was before i became a full time music teacher. I think I am looking forward to this upcoming break more than ever. I have been so busy and I still have an elementary concert, Senior Orange sales deliveries and auditions for the Holbrook Musical this week. The jr/sr High School Christmas concert was a success last week. Again, I think the biggest compliments are how long the concerts have been because both have been exactly an hour and 15 minutes long. I also redesigned the music web site which has been a lot of work but that was my own fault. But I really like it. Check it out ( I am looking forward to going to Buckeye for Christmas from what I hear we are going to celebrate like the Jews over a multiple day period. :) Adam Sandler would be proud. Kyle and Alli not a jew! haha Don't tell Alli but I have to go pick out her present Saturday :) Plenty of time right. I think that Helzberg commercial fits me just right "because your not that guy"
I haven't really been in the Christmas mood the last few years I guess Alli and I need to have kids so I can get in the spirit again through them. My students at school definitely are in the mood they decorated my office this morning.

Well the ceiling at least. Well that's enough from me but if you are really bored check out the video that I made back in college.

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Steven & Meghan said...

We're definitely excited para tenerlos aqui con nosotros. Los quiero,,,y yeah, Kyle....vas a tener que tenen hijos para celebrar la navidad bien.