Monday, March 7, 2016

What's one more?!

We are having a baby! I'm due July 5th and we are excited! The end of 2015 was a pretty rough year for us. I was downright sick from about 6 weeks up until 16 weeks. The helicopter ride with Bishop really was the funnest our year got. Even for Thanksgiving and Christmas- we were pretty low key. I feel bad for that- but you do what you can.

For Thanksgiving we had the cutest little pilgrim come home from preschool! I love all the cute little things the kids make and do there, we are so lucky to be able to these programs here in Holbrook. 

Thanksgiving was spent in Buckeye. We hadn't announced to anyone that I was pregnant yet, but they all guessed it when I went to bed a 8 o'clock. Luckily I had a pretty good weekend with the sickness and was able to eat! The next day we did some shopping and found Bentley's twin!

We stayed down in the valley until Saturday to catch my nephew Nathan's baptism. I was excited to be able to go, we haven't been able to make the other boys and was excited to finally get to be there. That morning I started getting a headache and was starting to see floaties in my eyes. The floaties turned into pretty blurry vision, and because of the pregnancy I wasn't really sure what I could take. I decided to just get on the road to the baptism and just take some tylenol. Driving down the road my tongue and left arm started going numb and it really started freaking me out- I never get headaches left alone numb arms! We stopped by urgent care where my parents took the kids to drive them to the baptism and then were told to go to the ER. The called us right back, did a few tests, and said I had a migraine. Probably hormone induced. I was pretty miserable. They gave me some Benadryl and fluids that helped a lot. That along with an hour nap and my vision and limbs were normal again. My head still ached, but not nearly as bad. We had totally missed the baptism by this point, so my parents met us to swap kids and we headed back to Holbrook.

The rest of November/December was pretty much spent with me on the couch. Kyle picked up some paper and plastic utensils that were a life savor. Even if the house was a mess, at least we didn't have tons of dishes every day. He jumped in the minute he got home from work to help with the kids until they went to bed. I felt like this pregnancy knocked me out a lot more than the other kids, but being sick without a baby still is a lot easier! Bentley could get his own drink and no diapers to change. There are definitely benefits to waiting till the youngest is a little older before getting pregnant again!

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