Monday, March 7, 2016


With my past three kids, I've really hated being pregnant. I still do, but I'm really trying to embrace it this time. Part of the way I'm trying to do that is weekly shots of the growing bump/baby. I took at 6-week "before" picture, but really started weekly at 17 weeks, so I'll just start there (partly because Photos on my computer is lame and I can't find it), but that's okay- we get to skip the "you just look fat" phase :)

 The 17 week and 22 week pictures compared make me feel HUGE but THAT'S OKAY! Because I'm growing a child! It is pure craziness to me that a baby can grow so quickly. It went from being the size of a poppy seed to a whole pound in like 16 weeks! Around 20 weeks we found out this little one is a GIRL! Macy was neutral- she kind of wanted a boy so that it would be an even family, London was ecstatic- she wanted to share a room with the baby, and Bentley said "Oh. well, we'll just have to figure it out"... he really wanted to share his room with baby too.  I am so excited to have a newborn/baby in the house again. Bentley will be 4 in July, so it's been awhile since we've had a baby around here!

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