Monday, March 7, 2016

Merry Christmas! 2015

Even though I was sick for December, we still tried to get some Christmas fun in there. First up was Macy's Christmas program. She's the one of the very far let in the stripped shirt :) Her teacher said "red, white, and green". Apparently we are the only ones that figured a stripped shirt with all those colors would be great. She was definitely easy to find!

I pretty much had no energy and my poor kids decided if Mom wouldn't make gingerbread houses then they would just watch them on YouTube. Sorry girls! Next year, I promise we'll make ginger bread houses!

At the beginning on the month we got to have our first ultrasound of the baby! My due date with Bentley was way off (it got pushed back 2 weeks at my 19/17 week ultrasound) and I was not a happy camper, so I appreciated when the Doctor suggested a dating ultrasound. This one was right on track with what I guessed it was. Due date is officially July 5th!

 Another reason I'm glad the kids are in preschool, they did so much holiday stuff! I was able to chill and they still got their fun hates and candy canes!
 We did get a little snow this year- not much, but a little bit! Here's London enjoying some!

 and what's Christmas without the tamale making?!
 Around this time I called my mom. I was dead, the house was a mess, and we were struggling. She originally thought she'd come for a two or three days- and ended up staying for a week! I'm telling you, I was worthless! It was so nice to have the house all clean, dinners cooked, and for someone to make cookies with the kids. Thank you Mom!

I'm pretty sure she stayed the week before Christmas break. After she left I had Kyle home for 2 weeks- and I was determined that by then I would be over the morning sickness stage. Well, Christmas came and went, and my morning sickness didn't. Oh well.

Somewhere in December Macy lost her first tooth!! Woo-hoo!! She was getting a little worried since most of her friends had already lost their teeth. She got a whole dollar from the tooth fairy!

We spent Christmas Eve at the annual Gardner Party. Complete with Mexican food, pinata, and pin the nose on the snowman. The kids had a blast and, of course, I was exhausted. We got home around 8 and the kids opened their Christmas jammies.

Christmas morning was fantastic. Kyle and I were up at 6:30 and started making breakfast to see if it would wake up the kids. We had our traditional Pancakes for a crowd. London was the first one up, followed by Macy, and a little while later Bentley came sleepily in.

 Bentley was the most excited about his playdoh, London loved all the "mystery" things Santa brought (the little balls that have a mystery character), and Macy was so excited for her kindle fire.
Dad got the family a cool basketball hoop. Macy and London loved it and Bentley took it upon himself to be the announcer- pretty cute announcer if you ask me!
After we played with all the presents we went over to Marie's house for Christmas dinner. We had lots of family over there and took a little break to go to the Culture Hall and let Bentley ride his new bike around while Kyle and David played with their new drones. We had a great Christmas!

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