Monday, March 7, 2016

Macy's 7!

For Macy's birthday this year, she thought it would be fun to have a birthday party with the Carbonneau side of the family. We invited everyone to my parents house and then headed down on Friday night. Kyle and I hit the Phoenix Temple on Saturday morning- this was our attempt at a selfie- but the sun was WAY too bright that morning.

Funny/Sad side story. We had brought the kids bikes with us because it's beautiful in the valley right now and they needed some practice. While we were at the temple my Dad was helping London learn a few things on her bike without training wheels (mainly how to stop) and she took a pretty hard fall on the concrete. This picture doesn't so it justice, but she had a pretty swollen cheek and cute black eye. Even now (March 2016) she still has a bit of a hematoma underneath her skin from the bruise. It's gotten much smaller in the last month or so, but it's taken quite awhile to heal.
 Saturday night we all watched the Cardinals game together, minus Chris and Kati. It was pretty intense and a really good game. We had mozzerella sticks (they were playing Green Bay) and BBQed. It was a fun night!

After church the next day Chris and Kati, Steven and Meghan, and Derek and Alison all came out and we had a small party for Macy. Her only wish was a purple chocolate cake- easy peasy!

 These three had a lot of fun playing together with Macy's new lego set. She loves horses so we picked up a lego horse set for her. She still plays with it! Win!

Macy is such a smart girl and has become an amazing reader- seriously! Bragging moment: she took the DIBELS test at school and her teacher e-mailed us to tell us she got 100% accuracy on her nonsense words AND finished them all in like 48 seconds. That's a big deal! She finished the other portion with 99% accuracy. She said her growth isn't even on the 1st grade chart anymore- yay Macy! She picks up on things so fast and is really trying to read how people are feeling and wants to make you happy. She loves spending time with the family as a whole and going and doing things together. Her new favorite thing is playing frisbee golf with Kyle. We love Macy!

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