Friday, December 12, 2014

Ordinary Day

This was one of those days that you want to remember. Not really that anything special happened or anything super fun, it was just a good day. It started out at the Park with some friends. It was beautiful outside and we knew those days would be numbered with winter coming along. They had about 10 other kids they could play with and they were content with just each other.

After the park we came home and just hung out. There was no preschool, no one needed help elsewhere, and we didn't have anything planned that night to get ready for.  London and Bentley cuddled up on the couch in their usual spot with the iPad to watch a show together.

Kyle came home for lunch and we enjoyed his company. Then it was time for Bentley's nap and London and I got in some puzzle time. It's a simple life we live, but even with the days that are a lot more hectic, I love spending time at home with these kiddos every day.

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