Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent it in the valley with both sides of the family. We drove down Tuesday after school and had a simple Thanksgiving meal with my family on Wednesday. My brother Steven smoked a turkey and it was very yummy! We spent the day just hanging out and getting ready for family pictures that night. We met Chris and Kati there in Verrado and spent about an hour taking family pictures. The kids were so good through out the whole night, what good sports! I was a terrible picture taker this weekend and didn't get my camera out once- these are all either stolen from Facebook or off my phone. I did get this cute series of my Dad and Bentley were playing football after we were all done. 

After we got back to the house my Mom took the kids back to her sewing room and they did the traditional making of ornaments. 
The girls found my Disney set that has a book and a tape that reads you the story. They got a tape player out and listened to the stories- Kyle taught Macy all about the word "obsolete" :) 

 On Thursday for Thanksgiving we drove out to Ahwatukee to Mike & Trish's house. Kyle's sisters Kym and Kathleen were there with their families. After we ate a fabulous lunch Cameron and Megan took the kids to the park to go play while us adults lounged around. They are awesome big cousins!

I know it LOOKS like we are all being completely anti-social with our phones all out, but really we're playing this awesome game that Derek's fiance Alison showed us! Speaking of Alison, did I mention Derek is engaged?! To a girl that has my name?! :) She's adorable and we love her. Back to Thanksgiving- it's a quiz game that you play with the Chromecast. Rocky and Kyle were surprisingly good at it too.

Then they showed Bentley the skeleton... it was love at first sight.

We stayed at Mike & Trish's until Ulta opened for their Thanksgiving Day sales. I got some goodies and then we drove home that night. It was a quick trip- but we got everything in and had one jam packed few days full of family time.

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