Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas is in the air!

We are loving our Christmas decor at our house. The kids are totally into Christmas and Bentley is in absolute love with the Christmas Tree and the lights on our house. I took an hour or so one afternoon and wrapped all our presents and stuck them under the tree. The kids are pretty much obsessed with them- and I'm completely fine with that. I wrapped those babies so good that they are probably going to need help unwrapping them at Christmas time :)

The other day I was looking at a tutorial on how to do Grinch makeup for Kyle's upcoming Christmas Concert and London was totally into it. She clicked on a video on the side about how to do Elsa hair and that started her addiction to YouTube. I was curious how long she could watch YouTube so I just let her keep watching it... for 5 hours! She learned a lot about how to build things with playdoh and saw about a hundred different toys get unwrapped- and she loves every minute of it.Needless to say the next day when she asked I cut her off at 30 minutes :) 

 We've had a DSLR Camera for about 2.5 years now and I'm terrified of the thing. Kyle is the one that has done the research and takes it out of manual, and I just keep in my comfortable auto mode. I know those words are like nails to any photographer- but it just scares me! I've had the itch for awhile to figure the thing out- but I just get overwhelmed. I decided I've pretty much wasted 2.5 years of the camera and I just need to learn, so here's my very first attempts at anything in the manual mode.

I know I'll get better and there are probably 101 things wrong with these photos- But I'm excited to start getting more of our every day life in something other then my iPhone camera.

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