Friday, December 12, 2014

Kindergarten Christmas Concert

Macy's school had their Christmas Concert last week. They all did a fabulous job and all looked so cute in their beanies and scarves. Macy thoroughly enjoyed being in the program- she just couldn't contain her excitement :) She is such a funny girl- she wasn't nervous in the least about being in the auditorium and on stage- and it's absoultely no big deal to her. So much so that she doesn't really even care. Doesn't smile, wave, look for us, laugh- nothing. She does exactly what she's supposed to do-- completely straight faced.  

 I do love the below picture. She was a lucky drummer boy for their Little Drummer Boy song and she just couldn't get comfortable with her drum. She kept trying to find a good place to put it and it just wasn't happening. A teacher came out on stage and told her to keep it down on the ground and you can tell how many she felt about that.
 The concert lasted about an hour and Bentley and London were ready to get going. After most of the people left we let them go up on stage and have some fun. They loved the microphones and went right to them.

 Kyle went back to the room where to Kindergarteners were and grabbed Macy. We got a *little* bit of smile from her.
 ...and this is pretty much what every picture of our kids look like that I have. All doing their own thing- they cray cray.

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