Monday, September 29, 2014

Referee Kyle

For the past 7 or 8 years Kyle has been able to get his "football" fix without having TV by being a Jr. High Football Coach. This past year was super draining and kept Kyle away a lot. He has been so conscience lately about being away from his family and we decided this year that he was going to step down as a coach. He took a good week or two off and came home to tell me he found out he could be a referee! He could potentially make more money doing that then coaching with less time involved. We did some research, paid our money to the AIA, ordered his uniform, and he was certified! He did have to take a test to make sure he knew the rules of the game, which he passed with flying colors (a 95%! Way to go babe!).

He was pretty excited when all his gear came in the mail, he even tried them all on during lunch. On Sept. 20th he had his first game to referee. I wasn't really sure whether or not the kids and I were going to drive to Show Low to go watch, but we got all the stuff on our to-do list done and headed out to go watch him. When we got to Show Low we picked some Subway to eat at the game and headed over to the field. At first it was really hot, but luckily some clouds moved in and it was beautiful weather. When I go to watch games I always sit on the visitors side (even in Holbrook) and that way the kids can practically go anywhere they want and not bother too many people.

The kids did really well at the game, we only lost Bentley once. Luckily he just ran to his Dad out on the field so he was nice and safe. I was snapping pictures when I heard Kyle yell my name. I look up and there he is on the sideline holding up Bentley for me to come and get him. Oops. Luckily he was a side ref and not the one out in the middle of the field!

Aww- Doesn't Kyle look so good as a Ref?!

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