Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Camping 2014

Last weekend we finally got to go camping again! It was the usual crowd plus Stormy and Spenser this year! I'm so happy they got to come and hang out with us, we always have fun when we're together. I love that we married boys that get along and like to hang out together. Camping is always one of my favorite things to do. I love hanging out by the fire and just enjoying nature. We got a different spot this year and it was SO much less dirty then the other spots we use- that was REALLY nice. I didn't come home and feel like we brought half of the forest with us!

Here we are on the first day, all nice and clean!

Aunt Steph brought the stuff to make "creepy snacks" for the kids. They are kind of creepy huh!?
 Kati and cutie Preston. We had Preston, Hudson, and Easton all crawling around in the dirt this year. They were so cute and all pretty content with the dirt and rocks.
 Getting some card action in!
 Awww. Stormy, Hudson, Spenser, Kyle, and Me!
 We had lots of shooting going on this year. I got to shoot my Dad's AK 47 and it was pretty fun! I like it!
 Most of the kiddos wanted to go help Grandma take the dogs for a walk. Nathan, Travis, Wesly, Macy, Brelee, Bentley, Emali, and one of John and Sarah's little girls joined in on the fun.
 Bentley and Emali!
Our kids have never slept very good camping, so we tried something a little different this time. We usually just let them stay up until whenever they start acting tired/grumpy and this time we tried to follow our normal home schedule as close as possible. At home, our kids are in bed by 7:30 but the sun wasn't quite all the way down so we let them stay up until the sun went down and then off the headed to bed. Kyle did story-time and down they went. It worked pretty well for the girls, but Bentley got to come and talk with us at the camp fire. We was cracking everyone up, little goof ball.
 The next the girls found a flower patch a picked all the moms some flowers.
 Some more shooting!

The next night London came up to me around 6:30 and asked if she could go to bed. She was tired! Next was Macy and then we finally put down Bentley. We came in around 10 when we were tired and Bentley had crawled into our bed and had been playing with my phone for 2 hours! We took away the phone but I let him stay in bed with me. He looked so cute in the morning.
London was nice and patient waiting for everyone else to wake up so she could get out of bed.

We had an awesome trip. I love camping!

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