Monday, September 8, 2014

London's Frozen Party

This past Friday we have London's birthday party! She loves Frozen, so we threw her a little Frozen party. I found some printables off of Pinterest and the cups, plates, and napkins from Dollar General. For this party I chose to try out cake pops instead of cake or cupcakes and I was pleasantly surprised! I've never eaten them or made them before so I was a little nervous to start, but I think they turned out well. I told Kyle my plan and was all set to make them and he asked how she was going to blow out candles; good thinking! We left out a little piece of the big cake that went into the cake balls so she could blow them out. I asked her if she wanted a cake pop or the piece of cake and she chose the cake. As always, she licked off the frosting and was done. That's why I wanted to try something different then cupcakes or cake- the kids just eat the frosting and their done. They didn't really eat the cake pops too well either, I'm still in the search of something to serve at a birthday that the kids will actually eat!

 I found these cute printable hats off Pinterest and the girls loved them.

 The little boy loved them too :)
 We had the Humes and the Miller's, Marie, My Mom, and the Smith's over for the party. We had more friends planning on coming but they got sick :) We missed you guys! We first tried out Duck, Duck, Goose and then headed over to the kitchen and the kids could build a snowman out of play dough.
 Then we busted out the bubble machine and let the kids play in the bubbles. The Humes boys decided it was way funner to play on the playhouse then with bubbles :)
London got lots of candy, a baby doll, an outfit, a pony, and some frozen dolls. She had a blast and loved her party.

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