Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lava Lamps

The other day the kids went to the library and did a science experiment with how sugar water makes sparkles and stuff float longer then normal water because of the water density. They brought home these little sugar snow globes and were in love with them. I am all about fun science projects and since they loved that one so much I found a lava lamp project on pinterest and decided to try it out! I surprisingly found everything I needed in Holbrook (after going to 3 stores) and we got started! 

Bentley was loving his water bottle. He was obsessed with drinking the water out of it, which was a very important set :) He got super mad at me when I told him he couldn't drink the oil we put in it- but decided to be happy again after I let him chew on the unopened tube of glitter glue.
 Macy and I getting her water bottle all set.
 Bentley's world was crushed with I opened his water bottle and STILL wouldn't let him drink it. Such a mean Mom.
 After adding the oil, water, and food coloring, we added a small piece of Alka-seltzer to make the whole thing bubble. 
 London was pretty mezmorized. She loved it.
 Bentley still wasn't buying it. Drinking it sounded like a much better thing to do.
 Loving on her finished product. 

After all the Alka-Seltzer was fizzed up, they really just had a bottle full of oil, water, and sparkles- but they still love them! Yay for Science projects! I see many more of them in our summer plans.

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