Saturday, June 14, 2014

Inspection Day!

Yesterday was inspection day! We made plans the night before to all meet at the vans at 9:00am but I think everyone was awake by 6:00am. We’re just ready to go in all :). We piled in the vans and headed over to Oceanside for our inspection that was scheduled for 11am. We had a little but of traffic, but we ended up at the Pier a little after 10am. We pulled into Betty’s Lot (the parking Lot where we get inspected) and started making sure we had all we needed to in order to pass inspection. We went through the list a few times and about the 3rd time noticed we needed about 40 more pieces of reflective tape! The rule books sometimes don’t say the same thing as our Inspection Forms, and in this case Troy followed the Rule book for how to put reflective tape on his wheels. Everyone kicked it into gear really fast and we had all his wheels covered in reflective tape in no time. The actual inspection was over really fast and we passed with flying colors (woo-hoo!). I can stop stressing that I did all the paperwork right! 

Here is Betty's Lot full of cars and bikes getting inspected.

Everyone trying to make sure we have everything just the way it needs to be!

Dad and Chris making sure they have the the racer numbers on the right places on the bikes.

Mom and me showing off our Friends of Freedom shirts! Kathy D. is photobombing us in the background.

Our inspector! Super nice guy!

After we were in the go with inspection we broke up the team to complete different assignments. Kathy C., Colleen, and Kathy D. took the route books and did all the highlighting they needed to do. Mike, Doug, and I went to drive the first part of the race so we wouldn’t get lost. Kyle and Chris went to the Crew Chief Meeting, Troy went on a ride, and poor Yost and Bob didn’t get jobs.   Us meeting in the parking lot and getting our jobs. 

Hey- I thought Troy’s job was riding… not sleeping… JK! He had a fantastic ride, and he deserves a little shut eye.

Collen, Kathy D. and Kathy C. did a great job on highlighting and figured their run some stairs to relieve some stress. Guess that’s what happens when you bring our trainer with you! 

We met back together at 4 and went to the Team Meeting where they went over all the rules and regulations and introduced all the teams to everyone. You can tell Hull was enthused.

These were the 2-man teams- Bob and Troy and there in the middle in the red shirts.

We were done a little early so we picked up some RAAM gear and got some ice cream. Ice cream, RAAM, and the beach- sounds like a great day to me! 

By 5:30 the meeting was done and we were all ready for dinner! We order some pizza and met in a conference room to go over more about what we do in crew transitions and to teach everyone how to work all the electronics.

It was a day full of meetings, learning new things, and getting all on the same page. I think we’re ready! Bring on America!

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