Friday, June 27, 2014

Day Two- outside of Blythe to Navajo Reservation

Our first crew transition went pretty soothly. The on coming crew tries to meet up with the crew on shift at the next rider transition so we can make sure the riders get to sleep for however long they can. It gets a little crazy making sure the rider backpacks and snacks get into the right vans, but it usually goes pretty well.

The crew got a quick snapshot of what was in their forecast for the day- headed to Prescott!

 Kyle and Mom had the next shift on with Troy Yost, Phillip, and Kelly. I'm pretty sure Mom and Kyle were in Troy's van.
Next up was Yarnell Hill! Here they are getting ready for a rider transition. Up until this point that riders had been doing 1 hour pulls. One rider would ride for an hour while the other sleeps and then they switch. During the big climbs they move into 1 mile pulls to help the hill go a little quicker.

Troy was obviously going down Yarnell Hill a little too fast- his racer number flew off! Yost used his creative thinking skills and came up with his own tag.
Coming back up the hill in Prescott, Arizona

Sometimes the crew needs to get together and talk about a little strategy. Here is Kelly, Yost, Kyle, and Phil

Back on the hotel shift where I was. Here's a photo of out cramped hotel room. It was a little squished was we made it work- RAAM style. Chris and I had a very hard time sleeping. He finally got a little shut eye around 8:00am in the morning and I was never able to get to sleep.

After each shift we have a crew member that drives the oncoming shift to their next hotel. It was my turn to be the hotel driver which meant I got to go to the same shift as Kyle- yay! We stopped in Flagstaff at Panda Express to eat some lunch and then headed onto Kayenta to sleep. After we got all our food at Panda we went outside to eat and it was way too windy so we all came inside. We walked up to a table that was covered in food and we all made the comment "Man it looks like my kids were here" because it was so messy. The worker came up and Kyle motioned to Yost and said "Sorry, we can't take him anywhere". The girl laughed and said "Ya, I can't take my Dad anywhere either". We had a good laugh that she thought Yost was our Dad. What an appropriate thing on Father's Day huh? Here's us with our RAAM Dad. :)

Here is Yost going out onto the Navajo Reservation.

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