Friday, June 27, 2014

Kayenta to Colorado

My next shift started at 3:00am the next morning. Since I was the hotel driver I got to switch crews and be with Kyle. One of the reasons I was so excited to do RAAM was to be Kyle's partner and we were finally together! Yay! Here is Yost and Kyle outside of Kayenta getting Troy's bike all spiffy for him to take his next hour shift.
We took the race all the way from Kayenta, through Utah, and into Colorado. This is on the top of a mountain in Colorado nice and early in the AM. It was pretty chilly outside!
 After a transition my Dad needed to do a little fixing on his bike. I'm pretty sure there is where he got another flat tire.
 After being in Colorado for a few hours Dad started feeling pretty down. He called his buddy Keri Ryan in California and chatted with him for a bit and it was decided that he was dehydrated and needed to take a quick trip to the Urgent Care to get some fluid in him. Troy was a great trooper and just started pedaling and taking it nice and slow. Kelly and Phil were with Dad while Kyle, Yost, and I followed along side Troy. He peddaled at about 15 mph for 5-6 hours until Dad joined in the race again. He came back feeling strong and better then ever. Good thing too- Next up was Wolf Creek Pass!

 This isn't something you see often, both riders off of the bike at the same time. Crew Chief Chris probably had a mini-heart attack when they stopped at the top to get a photo- but don't they look great?!

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