Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I thought HGTV was pretty safe!

The Canadian HGTV logo

Here Kyle and I sit, watching HGTV (Rate My Space to be exact) when one of the most appalling commercials that I've ever seen came on. It showed a man and a woman sitting in a restaurant and a voice comes on... "Have you ever been on a blind date that you feel like will never end?" It shows the guy doing rude things like talking on the phone, checking out another woman, not talking to his date... then it gets up and says something along the lines of "I gotta go, Happy Anniversary hunny"... then the voice comes back on that says "When divorce isn't an option" and it says what site to go to (which will not be said to keep the honest honest).

Isn't that HORRIBLE?!?! Seriously, I thought the world was goin' down, but seriously- a website to have an afair! I didn't really understand the commercial at first so I told Kyle to go to the website and the headline said "Life is short. Have an afair" then I told kyle to exit out and never go to that site again! On HGTV too! Gr. I thought HGTV was one of the safest channels to watch, how immodest can you get redecorating a house, well other than Color Splash when what's his bucket always takes his shirt off , but that's pretty safe!

It makes me sad. Really sad. And I bet people even use that site. Terrible. Just terrible.
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What have we been doing?!

The past few weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride with the house situation. On Monday we were told we were approved for our loan and that the papers should be ready soon, then we were told that 1 out of 10 loans get audited by the wholesale lender, and ours just so happened to get picked! So that would take another 24-48 hours to go through. We were told this afternoon that the paperwork was approved by the auditor and now will take 24-48 hours to get to the title company. That means we SHOULD sign papers in the next couple days... for some reason I don't really believe it... well maybe that's because I've thought for the past three weekends that we'd be moving that weekend. We'll keep you posted :)

Here are some super cute pictures that depicts what we've been up to...

Daddy and Macy had a fun time playing together while he wasn't at the school working on his production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"- which, in my opinion, was way better than the movie :)
The weekend before my friend Whitney and her now husband Tyler got married we went to the temple and watched as they took their formal pictures, Macy had a super cute outfit on so we got some pictures of her in the grass, on a blanket of course- we couldn't get a grass stain on that super cute white shirt! (later in the day she overflowed on to her pants so we just should have done it- oh well) This is also what we call her "superman" move- one hand in the air and one at her chest, she does it all the time, super cute.

Aw- the cute couple! Sealed for time and all eternity! We love you guys!

Daddy and Macy in her super cute Cardinals outfit. Matching bow and everything.

I just love this picture, her eyes are so big! I think they are very pretty eyes.

There's a cute smile! A real one, she wasn't laughing at me, she was laughing at Daddy.

Macy watching Baby Einstein... she likes it. She fell asleep :)
Macy playing on the awesome play mat that Brooke Jenkins (thank you!!) let us borrow.

Lil' Stinker LOVES her fingers and her hands in her mouth. A lot of times she spits out her pacifier so she can put her fingers in her mouth. If you click on this one you can see how she has a couple of her fingers right by her mouth, she decided to fall asleep with those in her mouth instead. I guess it would be better than a paci, I don't have to keep putting the fingers in her mouth but I do with the paci :)
That's what we've been up to! Waiting to move into our adorable house, Kyle's awesome musical, playing with baby Macy, and counting the days until I'm done with school :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ya- I wish I could say we were that happy couple in front of a cute sold house , instead we're not.

We're... still... waiting... grrr.

BUT, I'm not grumpy about it :) (See Kyle, I'm doing goooood) ;)


2 Months!

Today was Macy 2 month check-up. She is 9 lbs and 13 oz. (32 percentile) Exactly 3 pounds and 1 ounces more than when she was born. She is 22 inches long (34 percentile) and and her head is 38.5 cm (43 percentile). So she has a bigger head than body. She's still cute. :) They gave her the shots, and of course she didn't like it, who does?!

In honor of her 2 month birthday I'll post pictures that I should have posted a long time ago :) These are pictures of her when she was 3 weeks old and were taken by Cindy Carroll (she's amazing!!). There are tons of cute pics but here are my favorite...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Macy Update

Aw. Isn't she cute?!

There's a smile :) Pretty girl
Macy and Daddy at work...
Cute bow! (Thanks Grandma Carbonneau!)

Her cute pink dress :)

House= Excited!!!

I promised myself I wouldn't get excited yet and I would wait until we actually had the keys in our hands before blogging about it- but I'm just too excited I can't wait any longer! lol. We're buying a house!! I couldn't be more excited (even though I shouldn't be in case things don't work out blah blah blah... I know I know) We were going to buy a different one but then we started looking at other houses and I just fell in love with this one (and it's renovated and we can move in sooner and I just like it better). It was far better than any of the other houses for sale in Holbrook and it has soo much potential to me! Our closing date in March 13th but the lender said that we should be able to close before then :) I'm so excited to have our own place again and to be able to decorate a nursery!

Here's a few pictures for you to get excited about too :)

Here is the outside, I don't have a picture of the whole house yet, and now there are new shingles on the top instead of the wood shakes (and there is grass in the front but with it being winter/beginning of spring ya gotta give it some time :) )

Here is our living room :) I love the huge window.

and here is my kitchen :) Not huge, but I like it none the less :)
Thanks Marie for letting us crash at your place for the last 8 months! Don't worry, we'll take Zeus with us when we leave :)

ANNNNDDD It has a HUGE backyard. Like huge. Not really landscaped... but whoever was there last tried, we just have to help the trying out a little bit :)

I'M SO EXCITED!!!! (even though I shouldn't be, but sorry Kyle I just couldn't help it anymore, I can to show my emotions)