Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Valentine's Post

It's tradition that you almost have to blog about what you did for Valentine's Day right? :)

I don't have pictures, I know I know- terrible terrible. But Kyle did very good this year :) He gave me a basket with a stuffed animal bunny, cards, a kids book about a magician, markers, and a pad of construction paper. There was a little card that he made from the construction paper and markers and inside it said... Will you join me in an evening with David Copperfield next Friday? (Well- first it had all the I love you stuff, but you don't wanna hear about that right?) The basket was all little magician stuff, cute huh?! Yeah I thought he did good. So Friday at Gammage we're going to see David Copperfield. It's okay if you don't know who that is, I didn't either :) He's a really cool Magician, (Illusionist is a better word I guess). Check him out on YouTube. He even got a babysitter for Macy and Zeus! Which I'm still a little nervous about but I gotta leave her with someone other than Kyle sometime right?

As for Me... ugh my gift didn't work at all. A long time ago Kati's Mom taught us how to make Cookie Bouquet so I tried to make one. Tried. Key word. :) I didn't know that sugar cookies expanded so much, or at least that mine would expand so much. The cookies were like the size of my hand, and they totally fell off the stick when I tried to put them in the basket I was going to decorate. Oh well. I told him how cute it would have been and he agreed and said it's the thought that counts. I did however get him is favorite Zebra Pens to put in the bouquet too so I just gave him those. Poor Kyle.

Friday night we took a trip over to Flagstaff and went to Red Lobster for dinner. We went Friday instead because Kyle had to DJ on Saturday night. We also went to Target and bought diapers. Saturday night though Macy and I went to DJ with Kyle... it was in a bar. in Heber. A month old and already has been in a bar. She was the hit of the party though, everyone came to see her. One lady asked to hold her and I was really proud of myself, I told her "I'd rather not". :) A guy came over to see her though and Macy totally smiled at him. That's right, her first real smile to a drunk guy in a bar. We're going to have to teach her a little better. Kyle thought the dance was supposed to start at 6:00 but really it started at 7:30, so we got there like 2 hours early, so we went to Bison Ranch and got something to eat. I don't recommend it. Actually, the wings were pretty good but the hamburgers weren't that great at all.

That was our Valentine's Day :) Macy has a really cute bow to match her outfit for church so after I dress her I'll post some pictures (Just for you Grandma Carbonneau).
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KathyCarbs said...

Who is going to babysit Macy? excuse me? Ill meet you and pick her up...

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