Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mom's Birthday and Super Bowl

This past weekend was Macy's first trip to the Valley of the Sun! She had lots of fun :)
I left Holbrook Friday morning so we got there at around 1 Friday afternoon. We spent the afternoon at home with grandma, just enjoying hanging out. Melanie came over to meet Macy and we hung out for about an hour. Later that night my mom had card class so we took baby Macy to show her off. After about 15 minutes I took Macy back home- she was hungry and I'm still not too good at nursing in public, it's still a little uncomfortable for me. Luckily, Grandpa was there so we hung out with him until it was his bed time.

Saturday was a big day! Macy had her first photo shoot! Cindy Carroll who is like amazing, took the pictures and I'm so excited to see them! Chris and Kati came over that day too, it was Mom's birthday (on Monday) and we all just hung out. I love when we all get together and hang out!
Sunday was cake for mom's birthday and it just so happened that the Super Bowl was on also! Steven and Meghan showed up after church and we ate and watched the game! The night before Kati, Chris, Mom, and I made the grandkids Cardinals shirts- too much fun! Mom made Macy a tutu and a matching bow. Wesly and Travis adored Macy, and I'm pretty sure she liked them too because she didn't cry at all when they were holding her :) When Wes was holding her he kept kissing her forehead- it was soo cute! My Mom, Wes, Trav, and Macy were all in the rocking chair and she was reading a book to them and Trav was playing with her hands for like 10 minutes. It was soo cute! I'm glad she has good cousins, we're so excited for when Kati has her baby girl and they can play! yay!
Travis and Macy

Wesly and Macy

All the Grand-Kids! (Missing the one on the way)

Kati has this adorable big cup and she had a little photo shoot with Macy too, I think it's adorable and will look sooo cute in her new room...

Macy is doing wonderful, at least I think so. I don't really have anything to compare her too :) She sleeps through the night already, I'm just crossing my fingers that it keeps going! She goes down for the night at about midnight and will sleep until about 7:15. Yesterday she shocked me, she only had one nap! It was from 3-6 in the afternoon. She stayed up all morning. She would take like a 5 minutes nap here and there, but nothing long at all. I was so tired and got nothing done so I took a nap from 3-6 too. :) I think it caught up to her though because she's been asleep all day. She woke up at 7, ate, went back to sleep, woke up at 10, ate, and is back asleep. I hope this doesn't mean she'll be up all night :(

It's a little hectic doing school and a baby- I definitely have to work on homework when she falls asleep and I have to be good about it- no procrastinating because I don't know when I'll have a chance to do it next! That's probably why my blogging as been lacking. Sorry about that.

Oh! Kind of exciting news... we put an offer on a house and it was accepted! We had a home inspection and the roof needs to be redone... yuck. So we have to talk to the seller again about that. BUT that's exciting if it all works out :)

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KathyCarbs said...

Aren't those the cutest kids in the world...seriously! Love you!! Thanks for coming down :0>