Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy little bees!

Well Meghan inspired me to do a little update so here ya go! :)

It's been pretty hectic around here lately :). Last weekend Kyle and I took 7 of his High School students to a leadership choir at ASU which meant we had the wonderful opportunity to take the short bus all the way to Phoenix at 4 o'clock in the morning. :) Kyle had a lot of fun meeting new choir directors and learning new songs. My friend Whitney came and picked me up and we hung out at her house for awhile and I got caught up on all the new stuff happening in the valley. Then we met my parents, Stevo, and Meghan at Panda Express (which was WONDERFUL because I had been CRAVING panda since we moved out here :)). It was fun to get caught up with them.. i think we sat and talked for about an hour after we were done eating. Then My mom, Whitney, and I went shopping and I got some new clothes for substituting that made me look like I was older then the kids I sub for :).
Nothing slowed done for last week either. Kyle's sister Kellie came done to help his choir with their choreography so Kyle spent a lot of time at the school and at his moms figuring out the skirts and shirts for their uniforms. I was able to sub for a kindergarten last ALL week last week and I really enjoyed it. I decided that that's my calling :) So i finally figured out what i wanna teach! I had so much fun with the little ones and they were all so cute. One little boy actually gave me an apple- So i thought that was pretty darn cute!
Yesterday in church Kyle was set apart to be the 1st counselor in the Young Men's presidency so he is really excited about that. He gets to go camping and all that fun stuff with them now! I haven't received a calling yet- but with school and work I don't feel like that's necessarily a bad thing :). We love you all!

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Alli is great isn't she!! :)