Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We got sucked in :)

So it looks like we've gotten hooked into "Blogging" with the rest of the married clan :). Kyle and I were married on May 19, 2007. We're going on 4 months now and have loved it all. We moved up to Holbrook, AZ in August, where Kyle is the Music Teacher for the Joseph City School District.. that's right, DISTRICT.. he definitely has his hands full but he loves it.

I am working for the Holbrook School District as a substitute, making sure I want to go down the whole "teacher career" and I'm a full-time student. I'm taking night and online class so i can work during the day while Kyle is gone. I had my first day on Friday (Aug 31) and I sat a 7th grader in the corner, so I think it's gonna work out for me :).

This weekend we were able to spend with my family down in Buckeye and had a total blast. I love being in Buckeye when all the kids come home... Travis and Wesly (Chris and Kati's sons) are the cutest things and make any family gathering interesting. We got to see Seth and Tara's new baby Kade, so adorable. I came home and told Kyle I wanted one, and he said OKAY! But we'll see if that all pans out soon haha.

Another trend I got hooked into... the vampire books. Oh my goodness but I love them! I started book number 2 yesterday.. took about an hour and a half to go to a barbecue with Kyle's family and returned to my book so finish it at about midnight last night.. I went to the library to get book number three and they don't have it in yet, but i reserved it for when it comes in. :).


Steven & Meghan said...

Hey there! Make sure you keep everyone updated often! You two rock!

Patricia said...

Alli, Megan burned through the "Vampire Books" in 3 days flat! I am working on #3. I hated being without Edward for 200 + pages in #2, and almost gave up on them, but Megan kept me reading by telling me that it would get exciting again. If you want to have our copy of "Eclipse" I'll mail it up when I'm done with it. Trish