Sunday, September 9, 2007

Painting the house!
So yesterday Alli and I decided it was finally time to paint the house like we promised to do. Well there was a little adventure. Now of course I don't believe there is anything I can't do but this took some learning.
Lucky for me I had the whole back of the house to practice on and if you look at the rocks on the patio you can clearly see the learning curve. I am sure I got more paint on me and the ground then the actual walls. I know because the second bucket of paint went twice as far as the first.
We were lucky enough to use my bro-in-law's professional sprayer which made the job go really fast once we got it working properly. About 2pm, after we had spent all morning covering the windows with paper, I went to start painting. The first hour and gallon of paint, I spent trying to figure out how to make the machine spray. After I called my bro-in-law I learned I didn't put one piece in the nozzle. The next hour I spent trying to get the hose to stop leaking paint.
About this time my mom showed up to see how we were progressing. She showed up just in time to run to the store for me to buy tape. 3 different kinds of tape (at once) later we were off and running. Once we got going it only took about an hour and a half or so to paint the whole house. Then another hour cleaning out the machine.
Now we no longer live in the blue house, it's now the yellow house with the blue door. :) Alli and I have decided that we have found a summer job. But were not cheap! :)
To top the night off Alli made a great supper and we prepared talks while watching ASU somehow pull off a victory over Colorado.


Steven & Meghan said...

Just something I noticed, You guys have dirty faces in two of the three pictures found on your blog! Looks like you had fun painting your house! We'll have to come up sometime and spend the weekend there and go jump off the Dinosaur head!

Stormy said...

OK! I'm so happy you have a blogspot, I just have one for my photo class, but yay now I can read yours and stay updated :) Maybe after my class i'll keep a blog of my interesting "single-life"

Jodie said...

Okay you two...part of having a blog is actually updating the thing. Time for an update. Don't you know we have no lives out here in NY and we sit and wait to hear from you guys? Sheesh!! :)