Friday, October 5, 2007

Getting ready for the football game.

Well it's Friday night and and football season still so Alli and I just got back from Mr. G's Pizza!! I know your jealous and you should be we had the best Pizza and Wings in Northern AZ. Now we are at the high school waiting for the band to show up so we can head over to the football field. This is technically the last game of the season but it's looking like we will make the playoffs so we will have at least one more home game after this week.
Well we are both looking forward to this weekend, I don't have school on Monday and it's General Conference so we are going to head down to Buckeye tomorrow and spend the weekend there. I am super excited for Conference and I am calling it right now President Bowen! Not really :) Well I better get going I have to go find some wireless mikes because I have a double quartet singing the National Anthem at the game tonight and they actually sound really good so I would like them to be heard.

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Steven & Meghan said...

Hey you two! It was fun being able to spend Saturday there with the whole family! We had a lot of fun and we're always excited when you come down! We're going to have to come up there one of these weekends!