Friday, October 17, 2014

"Punkin Patch"

I can't believe it was already time for the pumpkin patch again! The Miller's welcomed a new baby girl named Emma into their family so it was just us and the Larson's this year. Lisa was brillant and suggested doing the family pictures before we went venturing for pumpkins and it worked out so much better. The kids are always restless and not into photo taking at the end and were much better this time.

It was such a gorgeous autumn day. It was a little chilly at first and overcast, which was perfect light for pictures. I got some super cute ones of Mollie and Bentley, but my girls were being little stinkers. Macy and London pretty much had a scowl on their faces the whole time. In their defense, they were so excited to go on the little kiddie train and it was broken down. Macy even earned some money by helping with Grandma's apples to go on the train. Poor kids. Even finding their perfect pumpkins didn't help them put on smiles.

Lisa and I have decided we need to arrange this little marriage- how cute are these two?!

Toward the end we got some what of some smiles.

They might not have smiled a lot but they were pretty good little wagon pushers. That thing was heavy! There was probably at least 75 pounds of pumpkin in that wagon, Lorin and Lisa had 1 single pumpkin that weighed in at 45!

I got a -little- smile by some tickling, but not much.

Bentley was pretty happy for the first little while but started getting pretty tired at the end. He wanted me to hold him the whole time, but that adorable little boy is getting heavy! He ended up finding his little pumpkin as we were leaving. Him and Mollie loved the little gourd pumpkins.
After the patch we finished up with yummy hamburgers and amazing pie from Trappers. When we got home Bentley was one crabby little guy. Kyle put him down for a nap and all he did was cry. I went in there to see if I could help at all and ended up just picking him up. I stood there a hugged him for a minute and realized the poor guy went to sleep. He had too much fun and was exhausted. It made me miss his baby years- he hasn't fallen asleep on my shoulder in ages. Sweet kid!

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Lisa said...

We had a blast! Can't wait for next year!