Friday, October 3, 2014

Family Home Evening

Each week we set aside 1 night a week (Monday) where we schedule in our designated family time. There are those rare occasions when something pops up on a Monday night, but for the most part we spent it as a family. It is usually spent in our home where we have a lesson (gospel based and usually about something we feel like our kids need to hear) and then play a game. This particular night was beautiful and we decided to forgo the usual structured lesson time and go play outside. We headed over to the part where the we just played as a family. I didn't get the best pictures, but I wanted to remember the happiness of our kids when we were just there being us. The kids would wait at the top of the slide and go "cha cha cha" down it. They had a blast. I love London's smile in the picture of her and Bentley, just laughing down the slide.

After the sun went down we went up to Denny's to grab some dessert. The kids all shared a chocolate shake, I got apple crisp, and Kyle enjoyed some cheesecake. We love spending that time together on Mondays to reconnect as a family. 

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