Friday, October 17, 2014

Apples, Apples, Apples

Marie (Kyle's Mom) has 7-8 apple trees in her yard and she had an extremely plentiful year! We try and help her around the house when we can and this year she really needed help with these apples. We went over a few weeks ago and helped her dehydrate some and went over again before we left for the valley. To take some of the apples of her hands we picked about 10 boxes for Kati, Meghan, and my Mom in the valley. Between the dehydrating and picking apples for the valley folk- we were picked out! The girls did awesome though and were such big helpers. It was a little overwhelming at first to look at the trees and see the quite possibly thousands of apples but slowly and surely they are getting harvested. Yesterday a few ladies from the ward came with the missionaries to pick up all the wind falls. It took them 5-6 HOURS to pick up about 15 garbage bags of wind falls! They didn't even touch the trees! 

After Marie and I would use up all the apples we had inside, the girls would go and get a bucket full more. They were such good helpers. I'm not sure if they were good helpers because they are just plain ol "good helpers" or if they knew they could "help" with the apples- and by helping I mean eat.

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