Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Lion King

Kyle is such an awesome teacher and decided to take his kids to the broadway showing of The Lion King this year at Gammage. We had a few extra tickets and decided to take Macy along with us. As the day got closer to go, Kyle had a few kids that couldn't make it- so we invited my Mom, Meghan, and Meghan's sister to join us. The show was so good and Macy was so excited. We had told Macy where we were going earlier in the week and all she could talk about was the fact that she was going to get to ride the bus. She was SO excited to ride the bus. 
We left on a Saturday afternoon and headed over to Panda Express for dinner and then off to the theatre. Macy did amazing through out the show- she was very well behaved and hardly made a peep. The only parts she really remembered were the scary parts with Scar- but I think she'll remember it forever. 
 The day before we left Kyle found Andrew Gorell's email address (the actor that plays "Zazu") and asked if he would be willing to meet with us after the show and answer some of the questions that the kids had. Kyle's students were very respectful and asked some really good questions. The headed home around 11ish and rolled into Holbrook around 3am. Macy and I pretty much slept the whole way home. It was such a fun night!

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