Saturday, November 30, 2013


We had a perfect Thanksgiving this year. Low key, good food, and all our family (minus Derek, who is on a mission) was there. Everyone just hung out and enjoy each other all weekend.
Me, Preston, Steven, Easton, and Chris hanging out in the kitchen.
London with a handful of books for Kyle to read.
 Steven and Easton

Steven reading Easton and Macy some stories.
 Nathan lost a tooth!
 Such a heart breaker
 London and her Great-Grandpa Bochat

 Grandma Carbonneau (My Mom) breaking up the rolls.
 Baby Preston
 Cute Emali

 Preston was super tired and just couldn't make himself go to sleep. Grandma was making him laugh and he just kept giggling and then would close his eyes- it was the cutest thing.
 The table all set for some dinner!
 My Mom has started a Thankful Tree. During dinner we all write down what we are thankful for and then hang it on the tree. Macy and Kyle. Not sure what Macy is doing though...
 Chris, Preston, and Kati
 This is my Grandpa with some of his Great-Grandkids. They sure love him- and by the looks of that smile on his face- he sure loves them too.
 Jack, Steven, Meghan, and Easton. We couldn't really get the kids to look at us- but it sure is a cute picture of them!

 The whole family! (again- missing Derek). Kati, Chris, Emali, Meghan, Easton, Steven, Jack, Dad, Mom, Preston, Me, Bentley, Kyle, Wesly, Nathan, Brelss, Travis, Grandpa Bochat, London, Grandma Bochat, and Macy.
After all the Thanksgiving festivities (food, football, and sleep) My Mom, Kati, Me, and Chris ventured out for some Black Friday shopping. I got almost all of my Christmas shopping down and the rest of them got a few things too. We started about 5 or 6PM and were out until 1. We wouldn't have been so late if the line in Kohls didn't take a little over an hour to get threw :) It was a fun adventure though!

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Kathy said...

Love that picture of Gmpa Bochat and the grands on the swing! You got some great pics of the day :)