Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

We had such a fun Halloween this year! I always have a difficult time about what to have the kids be for Halloween but I thought it would be perfect for them to all be Peter Pan characters. Bentley could be Peter Pan, Macy would be Wendy and London would be Tinkerbell. How cute would that be?! Well, I ran it by the kids and they weren't as excited as I was. London really wanted to be a snowman and Macy had decided she wanted to be a Princess (just like last year). Bentley is only 14 months so he didn't get an option- he got to be Peter Pan!  
Her snowman costume was super easy and she loved it. 

I can't even get over how cute our little Peter Pan is. These pictures just bring a smile to my face.

I can fly!
Off to Neverland!
Sometimes they love their brother a little too tight.
We started off Halloween with the Fall Into Fun Family Festival. (what a mouthful huh?!) Kyle and I were driving to the valley a few years ago and decided we should have some sort of activity for kids for Halloween that was cheap and family friendly. There isn't a lot to do in Holbrook and we thought people would really enjoy something for the kids. This years was so fun and there were so many vendors and things for the kids to do. It was a great event! We roped the missionaries into some games- a favorite is always the fishing game.

Kyle set up his sound equipment so we could have some entertainment and his choir kids all busted out in their dance moves.
The kids all got to decorate a little bag to keep all their goodies in from the different vendors.
Cookie Decorating!
Kyle's choir set up a hay maze. It's been a hit the past two years- his students love to rework the maze through out the day so it's different the next time the little kids go through.

Kyle's sister Kathleen got on Oriental Trader and got prizes and candy for all the game vendors to hand out. The Easter candy was on hardcore sale- Macy was so excited to get some bunny candy!
Oh. My Gosh Peter Pan is adorable.
London throwing bean bags at the cans. She has a pretty good arm for a 3 year old!
The girls doing some pony races!
The train came this year! It's always a hit.
The basketball was a little too tall for the kids so they let the parents help.

Pin the tag on the missionary :)
The Miller's joined up at the festival and we just had to take a picture of these too. Lucy is and Indian- her Daddy was a cowboy. Don't these two look like Tiger Lily and Peter Pan?!
One of the favorite parts- The Hashknife Pony Pose brought in a horse and gave the kids pony rides. They LOVED it.
We had a such a great Halloween! This was on Saturday morning, we had our Stake Trunk or Treat the following Thursday (Halloween) and then headed out for some Trick or Treating. The kids got more then enough candy and had a blast!

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