Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome, Welcome Sabbath Mornin'

I've always loved Sunday Mornings. There's just something about the whole family getting dressed for church and spending time together. This particular Sunday morning went something like this...

Bentley usually just roams the house. Picking up whatever toys he can sneak away from his sisters. In his hand he has Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. He knows any minute his sisters are gonna freak out and start looking for her.

I end up getting the kids ready randomly through out the morning. I usually get myself ready, the kids dressed, then do their hair, and I finally get dressed. London LOVES getting dressed so sometimes she gets in her dress a little sooner then Macy.
 Our ward starts are 11am and I know that if we all get ready too soon something is bond to happen that we'll be later then usual. So we play a bit until the last minute :) Bentley is teaching me how to do "touchdown"... 
 Obviously I'm pretty good at it :)
 Me and Londer Lou
 We got in some Tickle Time!
Macy decided to grab the camera from Kyle... she got some pretty good shots!
 About this time I start trying to get the girls hair done... Macy still has the camera :)
 She got a pretty good one of Kyle and Bentley! Kyle has early meetings but the Bishop made an awesome decision to do their meetings super early so the men can go home and help their wives get the kids ready.
After this photo Kyle ran and got Bentley ready, I finished the girls, we gathered all of our two thousand things we have to take with us everywhere we go, and we were off to another day at church! Thanks for spending the morning with us!

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