Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love all the festivities, family time, food, and awesome weather. Holbrook brought back an old tradition this year and had a kids bike parade. We live right across the street from the park so London rode her bike over to the start of the parade but then freaked out when she was supposed to actually ride in it. Our nephew Kaleb (Kathleen and David's son) is the one with a super big grin on his face right in the front. It was fun to see all the decorations and kids.

I feel like our whole group was pretty festive this year, here is a super perfect picture of Mike and Trish.

At the park they had all kinds of kid games. Kathleen was in charge of the potato sack races, so we had to go support her.  I am in the far left, then Kaden, Ethan, Kaleb, and Karl.

Kaleb was super excited- as you can tell :)

Kaden DOVE for the win.
David cheered us all on...
I LOVE this picture of Bentley. He's adorable.

Super cute little miss Ava just wanted to swing.

Macy and London were all over the place. They want to go over and ride the train and I told Macy to make sure London stayed close to her. She made sure London wasn't going anywhere.

London doesn't do too good with Macy trying to mother her...

Everything was better with the ride and a popsicle. 

I love this picture of Lisa and Lorin's little girl Mollie.

Bentley and Mollie, these two are going to be pals one day. For now they just steal each others pacifiers and poke each other in the eyes. 

Check out those baby blues!... and the little drool.. just too cute.

Our 4th of July family photo- all decked out in our red, white, and blue.

After the park we rounded up the men (and me, the photographer) and cut down a dead tree in our backyard. Here's the before....

and after.... I love how 1 guy is doing all the work and 5 are standing around watching him.

After the tree chopping we headed over to Marie's for a very yummy barbecue. Obviously is was way too good to stop and take some pictures, because I got zilch from it. 

As per tradition, we headed over to the fireworks a good hour before they started. We lit up some sparklers and busted out with the poppers. I was proud of Macy this year, she finally held a sparkler! She had loads of fun with them after she finally believed us that they wouldn't burn her fingers. 
Of course, boys will be boys. They tried lighting a few bushes on fire. No big deal.  

For some reason Garrett and Ethan thought it was super fun to throw poppers at my head and pop them next to my ear. I finally gave them the mommy finger and they learned I wasn't messin' around.
 Bentley and Grandma just kind chilled the whole time, they're pretty good at that.

Kathleen brought the kids all glow sticks and they were a huge hit. Macy and London both had enough to make a bracelet and a necklace, any little girls dream come true. 
 The fireworks did not disappoint and were as awesome as any year. The night ended with us waiting around for the line to die down to get back into town. Independence Day in a small town is such a fun day, it is definitely one of the major benefits of living in Holbrook. 

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