Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Sunshine!

Last weekend was gorgeous outside. For the first time in a month or two it was above 50 degrees, no wind, and the sun was shining. Kyle's sister Kym was having a birthday and her kids and grandkids were here so we headed over to the park.

Bentley waiting patiently  in his chair as I get the girls ready to go. Kyle was super excited to use his camera and got a head start. 

My girls LOVE the swings. We usually have a rule that I'll push you the first 10-15 minutes at the park but after that you gotta go play somewhere else.

Apparently my kids aren't the only ones that love the swings. Kym's grandkids sucked her in too :)

This baby just makes me smile.

 This girl can turn her attitude on so fast. Man she has pretty eyes.

Confession: I've neve done jumping picture before. I know right?! I was super nervous, but then after the first one we were addicted. Here are our favorite two.

Holli, Me, and Rocky (Holli's finance)

Kreslie Hawk, Kyle, and Me. Kyle says he got more air then me... hmm I don't think so :)

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