Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Holidays!

We had so much fun this year for the holidays. The week before Thanksgiving Kyle had All-State Show Choir, so the kids and I headed down to my parents since he was going to be gone all weekend. I had tons of fun hanging out with my Mom and I, of course, put us to work. We made 3 quiet books in 2 days. Thanks amazing, and they are so good. We spent a weekend in Tucson while my Dad and brother Chris rode in the Tour de Tucson and then just hung out in Buckeye. We headed over to Mesa for Thanksgiving with Kyle's sister Kathleen. She made an amazing Thanksgiving meal  and the girls had tons of fun playing in their AMAZING playhouse. I say playhouse, but really it's like a mini house. Carpet, stairs, windows, shingles- it's amazing. Macy actually asked for one for Christmas- I told her it was probably too big for Santa's sleigh (I left the "too big for Santa's pocketbook" part out). We drove back to Buckeye that night and joined my parents and Chris and Kati's family there. My Mom and I went to Toys R Us for Black Friday deals and I got all my Christmas shopping done. It was amazing, I got like 70% off, super fun. The actually day of Black Friday we got Kati to go back out with us and had a blast at Charming Charlie and Kohls. We found more awesome deals and it was a great little girls day out. 

For Christmas I really tried to make the entire month of December very Christmasy. I loved getting the tree out and having the girls help me decorate. We did cookies a few times, lots of Christmas music playing, and we tried to go over the Christmas Story  a few times so the will learn why we celebrate Christmas. The Sunday before Christmas we drove down 45 minutes after church got out. We stopped at Kyle's sisters house and handed over some Christmas presents and had another amazing dinner at their house. 

Christmas Eve Day was spent COOKING. LOTS and LOTS of cooking- like 8 hours worth. It was really fun and I had never cooked that much in my life. The pictures pretty much sum up our Christmas so we'll go from there :)

Kyle's brother Mike and sister-in-law Trish sent Bentley this ADORABLE reindeer hat. I just had to get a picture of him in it with his sisters in all their Christmas colors by the tree. 
 Uncle Steven got London to help him make cookies, she was having the time of her life. Thanks Uncle Steven! 
 Grandma and Grandpa Bochat joined us mid-day Christmas Eve, and Macy loved to play the "travel" game with Grandpa. He is such a good Grandpa and always loves to play with the kids. 
 Kyle did a lot of taking care of Bentley so I could help my Mom cook. Thanks Babe! 
 Steven, Meghan, and Jack joined us too! Meghan was in the kitchen with us all day too- she makes VERY good carmel corn!
 One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to open new PJ's on Christmas Eve. The girls loved their jammies. 
 This is the best picture we got of all the grandkids that were there that night. It's tough getting 4 kids 3 and under to look at the camera!
 Christmas morning was pretty exciting. London wasn't sure at first, but when she found out there were presents and CANDY in her stocking she was all game. 

 Bentley got a rattle ball for Christmas. He loves it. $5 well spent. 
 My Mom made Macy and her cousin Brelee ABC quilts this year. She loves it. As you can see.
 The girls big presents from Santa this year were BIKES. They got helmets from Grandma Gardner to go with it. Macy finally got the hang of her bike after about an hour but London still just loves to sit on it. I'm actually not sure if she loves her bike or her helmet more. The girl fell asleep in her helmet on the way back to Holbrook. 

 Kyle got a snazzy new lens for his camera. He loves it and had lots of fun taking pictures. Chris and Kati got to Buckeye Christmas afternoon and squeezed all their kids bikes in the van. They spent a good 2-3 hours a day outside riding their bikes. London didn't really ride it but she did work on it a lot :) She figured since it wasn't moving it must be broken. 

London learned how to FLY!
Macy would get frustrated on her bike when she would get stuck on an upward slope. 

 Until Grandpa Carbonneau put a PUPPY in her basket. This is my parents new puppy Zoey- she is SUPER cute and extremely good with the kids. They hauled that poor thing everywhere and she never ran from them or anything.
 The girls all took turns riding around with the puppy. They all took very good care of her.

 After the girls all had enough of bikes Grandma Carbonneau helped them make bracelets. She let them pick which beads they wanted and then we put them together. They wear them all the time now. 

I'm really sad to see this Christmas Season go, it was one of my favorite Decembers. It's been really fun to have kids that are old enough to know something is going on and to try and make it special for them. I'm excited for more Christmas' to come with these little ones. 

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