Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Macy!

I was super nervous/excited for Macy's 4th birthday. Now that she's a little older and going to preschool she has gotten some friends and Kyle and I decided it was probably time to start doing a friends party for her instead of a family party and more geared toward adults than really the kids- because let's be honest- when their little they don't really care about their party anyway. Macy and I sat down about 2 weeks before her birthday and started planning her party. She wanted a My Little Pony party and a pinata. I worked with her a little bit and we decided we would have pony cupcakes, a pin the tail on Twilight Sparkle, and "Find the Pony" game. I found the invitations I wanted online and gave Kyle the job of making them in his photo editing program and Macy got to hand them out to all her friends that Sunday at church and Monday at school. I didn't realize that kids parties are much different then adults parties. At like a baby shower you usually plan on only 1/3 of the people that you invite being there- but a kids birthday party, if they are invited they are coming- which is a good thing- I just wasn't prepared for that :) The whole week before her party I just couldn't stop thinking about it! Silly, I know. It was my very first "kids" party and I wanted to do it right! That Monday we headed over to Walmart to find some My Little Pony party supplies and a pinata. We found nothing. At all. The only "My Little Pony" thing we found was 1 sheet of stickers. That's right, just one. No wrapping paper, pinata, coloring books, action figures- nothing. So we made due with what we could. I got pink everything and hoped that I could find something online to print off to add the My Little Pony factor. Here's what we came up with!

  For an "arrival treat" we had cups of "Rainbow Dash Goldfish" by their "make your own pony" coloring sheet, a party hat, and a My Little Pony Bracelet. (Sidenote on part hat: The night before Macy's party she says "MOM! We forgot about PARTY HATS!"... luckily Dollar General has some ballon party hats that I stuck some stickers on :) Way to go for last minute party hats huh?)

Next we played a fun round of "Pin the tail on Twilight Sparkle". I opened up google images and Macy picked which pony to pin the tail on, Kyle set up the projector, and I traced and colored the pony. 

We tried to play "Find the Pony" to kill some time, and it went okay for about 5 minutes. With 8 kids 4 and under they don't have a very long attention span. 

My awesome Mom came up that morning of the party and saved the day by bringing a Pony pinata. At Walmart they only had HUGE pinatas, so I was going try and make one. Well, that was an epic fail. Grandma Carbonneau to the rescue! The kids were too cute with this pinata, after the candy fell all the little girls would run over, pick up one piece, run back and show their parents, and then run back to get another piece. It took a good 10 minutes for them to pick up all the candy. 

The cake! I was lucky and found someone that would let me borrow a cupcake holder and I found all the cupcake toppers online. I just printed off, glued together, and -shabang- My Little Pony cupcakes!

I made these little Thank You take home bags for all the guests. Inside were My Little Pony stickers I found at Dollar General, flower bracelets, a candy necklace, and a pair of sunglasses (Macy insisted that we get them each a pair of sunglasses). I found the pink bags at Alco and I printed off the Thank You cards off pinterest. On the inside I wrote something along the lines of 'Thank you for coming to my party" and Macy signed her name. 

I was super happy with the way everything came together, and Macy had a blast. For a good two weeks after her party she told everyone about it. I'm super excited for more parties to come!

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