Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy 50th Grandpa Carbonneau!

This year my Dad turned the BIG 50! To celebrate, we had a PARTY! We were planning on blessing Bentley September 2nd, so we decided while everyone was here we should throw a party too. We decided to have a "Mexican Bar" where everyone brought a little mexican something. We had shredded chicken and pork (the pork was AMAZING) with all the little fixings. For a little decoration Kati rounded up pictures of Dad that we hung around the dining room. It was fun to see pictures of Dad growing up and him as a baby. 
In attendance we had: 
Aunt Janet and Uncle Greg (This is my Dad though, don't think we got a picture of Uncle Greg) :(
 Joni Gillispie (Dad's next door neighbor when he was a little boy) with Grandma Benich
Marlin Gillispie (Joni's husband) and Dad
Grandpa Bochat and Jack
Grandma Bochat and Bentley
Aunt Janet, Uncle Greg, Grandma Benich, and Dad
All the Carbonneau kids...
(Derek, Me, Dad, Mom, Chris, Steven)
The Carbonneau kid-in-laws (Jack, Meghan, Emali, Kati, Kyle, and Bentley)
I couldn't resist putting in this picture of London, she is SO cute!
 The girl cousins playing. They all have so much fun together. 
Brelee is standing, then London and Macy
For Dads birthday he got....
A "sweat towel" to go under his trainer in the exercise room. 
All the grandkids put their handprints on it.  
 A sweet shirt that has all the words that reminded us of Dad. 
The front says "Half-Century" since he's half a century old.
Notice how bike and ice cream or two of the biggest? :)
 An amazing T-Shirt quilt that my Mom made in a WEEK.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, she's a-maze-ing.

After presents we had a very tasty ice cream cake and a German Chocolate cake, Dad's favorite. I have a pretty awesome Dad, not only has he riden his bike ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY (like 6 times) but he's a pretty awesome listener, a great leader, and all around best Dad a girl could ask for. After the party was over he mentioned that he'd NEVER had a birthday party before (WHAT?! I know!) so that made it even more special. Thanks for being you Dad, we sure love you!

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