Thursday, August 16, 2012

Macy & Bentley

When we were at the hospital the girls really pretty stand offish with Bentley and I. They didn't know what to think of Bentley and I think it freaked them out a little bit to see me in the hospital bed/gown. A nurse came in while they were there to check vitals and started ewing and awing over the girls. I don't exactly remember how it came up but the nurse started telling Macy how if she was mean to Bentley they were going to come and take him away, so she better be nice. I get what she was trying to do, get Macy to be nice and talk to the baby, but she did it in the wrong way. After we came home Macy was so nervous about anyone being mean to Bentley- she was afraid they were going to come take him. There was one time I needed to wake Bentley up to eat and I said "Alright I need to wake up Bentley" and Macy got a very nervous look on her face and said "Don't yell at him Mom..." then any time he would cry/fuss she would tell me to make him stop. There was even a time London was standing by him and had her hand on the bouncy seat and Macy pushed her and told her to "be nice to Bentley!" I finally put all the pieces together and started asking Macy questions about being nice to Bentley and what would happen if someone was mean to him. She started telling me about the nurse and how they would take him away. We had a nice talk about how no one is going to take him away, if they girls were mean to him they would get a time out or be in trouble, but Kyle and I wouldn't let someone come and take him away. After Kyle came home from work I had him to talk her about how we would protect Bentley. Since we've gotten that whole thing squared away Macy has really taken to her little brother.
She is still pretty protective over him, when he cries or is fussy she always tries to find his paci or tell me that he's not very happy. She is an awesome helper and will get anything for him that he needs. If London is ever by him she always watches her to make sure she's not hurting him. This morning Bentley was laying on my bed while I did my hair and Macy kept giving me the play by play of what London was doing by him- who needs a baby monitor when you have Macy? :) She really is sure a great big sister, she always has been.

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Elizabeth Wright said...

Aw, poor Macy! I'm glad you were able to figure it out though, and that the girls are doing well with the new baby!