Monday, September 3, 2012

Bentleys Blessing Day

The day after my Dad's birthday party we decided to bless Bentley (September 2nd, 2012). He had an adorable outfit made by his Grandma Carbonneau (My Mom). She is an amazing job and I loved it. It was very simple with pleat details that were perfect. I love blessing outfits, having a perfect baby in such a pure and white outfit just fits together perfectly. His Daddy gave him a very sweet blessing, it was a special day. After the blessing/church we headed over to Grandma Gardners house (Kyle's Mom). 
Our little family. London's smile cracks me up.
 Bentley, here's a close up of his outfit.
 My precious kids. We tried getting them to smile, but it was much easier to just have them look at Bentley :)
 My family that came to the blessing. Kyle had a niece and nephew come home from missions, and a nephew leaving on a mission the following week so his family decided to come up the next weekend instead. (more on that later) :)
 Bentley and Kyle
 While family was there we had a little birthday party for London. Her birthday was later in the week so the Grandmas gave her their birthday presents a little early, it was fun to have all the family there to sing to her.
 Daddy helping London open some presents. She got a Baby Doll from Grandma Gardner and a stroller for Grandma and Grandpa Carbonneau.
 Grandpa Bochat helping London put together the stroller.
 All the Carbonneau Grandkids.
 The husband and I :)

Me and My girls!

I sure do love my family. 
All of them.
 My own family, the one I came from, and the one I married into. 

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