Monday, April 2, 2012

Favorite Part of Pregnancy

When people used to ask me my favorite part of pregnancy, I never really knew what to tell them. 

I mean, I like feeling baby move inside my tummy, but I'm not the women that really misses that after the baby is born. I'm just too excited to be able to breathe again and lay on my belly to miss the kicking. 

I always kind of felt like being pregnant was just a way to get to my favorite part- the baby! 

Today, I learned my favorite part. 
I love to take baths, and when I'm pregnant I can see the baby move all around and my belly move in all directions.  A little poke here, a poke there. With this little guy, it happened for the first time today and I was in awe. Just watching my belly be all distorted depending on where and how he was positioned was just so cool to me. It's really a little person in there. Kyle probably gets annoyed sometimes when I take a bath, because when my belly starts moving I yell his name and make him wait to see the little wave in my tummy. I always get the same "yeah- that's cool.... ok bye" but I think it's so fascinating! 
Definitely my favorite part of pregnancy. 

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Emily Gardner said...

lol. I loved that, definitely one of the enjoyable parts of pregnancy. And Jason must be related to Kyle...