Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter in Vegas

My cousin Jenni recently got married on March 30th to the awesome Josh Hansen (congrats guys!!) We weren't able to make it to their actual wedding that weekend in Utah, but we were able to meet up with them the next weekend in Las Vegas for their reception. It was kind of a quick trip to Vegas but we had lots of fun anyway. We left Holbrook on Friday morning and took our time getting up there. We stopped in Flagstaff for fuel and stopped by Best Buy and then headed to Kingman. We ate at Panda Express and then went to Ross to get some sippy cups. We forgot ours and I don't trust London as someone else's house with a drink in anything but a spill proof cup :) We made our very first purchase for Baby Boy and got him a little outfit and some PJ's. We have about 3 months left till he makes his appearance so I guess it's about time we get started in preparing a wardrobe for him! 
We got to Vegas in mid-afternoon and spent the night having fun with the family. 

Saturday my parents came up and we hung out at the Winns house until it was time for the reception. My Aunt Steph and Uncle David hired someone to do all the decorating so it was a pretty chillaxed day. They asked Kyle to DJ for them so we got there a little early to set up all the sound equipment and let the girls run around. 

I absolutely love this picture of London, she has the cutest little smile. 
 Kyle and his two little girls.

This is a typical view of Macy and London. Macy wandering around looking for something to do and London following her. Everything Macy does, London does. 
 My Mommy and Me :)
 I'm awful and didn't get a picture of the beautiful couple, but Jenni looked amazing!!

Sunday (Easter) we ate breakfast with the Winns and then headed back to Arizona. Kyle had never stopped at the Hoover Dam before, and they finished construction on the ENORMOUS bridge over it, so we stopped and did a little sight seeing.

This is Macy, Kyle, and London standing on the bridge. 
 London and Macy checking out how far up we were. While we were walking across the bridge Macy kept saying "I want to see the bridge..." and we had a hard time explaining to her that we were ON the bridge. 

That's a BIG bridge!

We hopped back in the car and made it to Kingman and decided to stop and get some lunch. It was about 1 o'clock and I was HUNGRY. We wanted to stop at In-N-Out but it was closed for Easter Sunday (Good for them, but man I'm still craving a double-double, animal style, cut in half, with chili's on the side) and decided to eat at The Golden Corral instead. It was SUPER good and I decided that a buffet really is the best place to take little kids to eat. I didn't have to worry about ordering the wrong thing, if they didn't like what I gave them I just went and found something else. Awesome. 

Since it was Easter Macy kept asking to go for a Easter Egg Hunt. I had gotten all their Easter Basket stuff in Vegas and I picked up some plastic eggs and candy to go inside, but there wasn't really time that morning to do it. We decided to wait until we got to Kyle's Mom's and enjoy some of the Easter festivities with her. 
Macy knew exactly what to do and wasted no time in collecting as many eggs as she could find.
 London wasn't really sure what they were doing, but she knew Macy was excited about something so like a good little sister she just followed Macy.
 All Marie's apple trees were in bloom- it was such a pretty day outside. 

 London decided to ditch the Safeway bag and just use her hands. She'd pick one up, another would fall, she'd pick it up again, and so on until we got her to use her bag again. 

We had a very successful Easter Holiday. :)

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Carbonneau said...

so cute! I hope Brelee and Emali are cute little friends like Macy and London!