Monday, November 28, 2011

We are Thankful!

Thanksgiving this year was spent in Buckeye. We had quite a crowd with all 3 of my brothers and my Grandparents. It was a typical Thanksgiving, lots of great food, football, and family. My Mom did an amazing job this year with the table. Around the napkins she put two paper leaves and after we ate dinner we wrote what we were thankful for and we put it on her "Thankful Tree". She made a scrapbook and each year she will put the leaves into the scrapbook.. she's pretty awesome that Mom. 

Sorry for my lack of pictures of Thanksgiving, I think I was too busy just hanging out to take pictures :) These two were actually stole from my brothers wife Meghan, Thanks!

The day after Thanksgiving we got a babysitter for all 6 of the little kiddos and we all went to the ASU game. We lost, but it was fun to go and hang out with the group. 
 Here is half of the group, on the other side of Dad was Mom, Chris, and Kati
That Saturday, Kati and I decided we didn't want to sit around all day- so we made plans to go to the Wildlife World Zoo. If you ever want to go, I suggest buying a carton (or 2 or 3) of Hickmans Eggs and using the BOGO Free Wildlife World Zoo tickets! The zoo can be a little expensive, but since we had enough of these it was a little more affordable, and there is no expiration date so look out on your eggs and clip out those coupons! 

As you can tell London was VERY excited to go to the Zoo! 
 Macy and Brelee checking out the ducks...
 A lion cub, his poor paws were bigger then his head!

They're adorable aren't they?
 The best picture I have of the motley crew, Mom and Dad, Chris, Kati, Wesly, Travis, Nathan, Brelee, Me, Kyle, Macy, and London.
 I don't think I've ever been to a Zoo where the littlest one hasn't fallen asleep, which means it was an awesome adventure!

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