Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween!

Like every other parent out there, about the beginning of October I started asking Macy what she wanted to be for Halloween. The answer? Christmas! Hmm.... okay. We talked about it A LOT. We looked at pictures of cute butterflies, flowers, and princess costumes, but it was always the same answer "Mom, I told you. I want to be The Christmas." I tried figuring out exactly what "The Christmas" was and it turned out that was Santa Claus. Okay, I can do that. Then, it turned into the Christmas Tree. That's a hard costume people! So this is what we came up with...
 Most people guessed she was some kind of fairy, but I won't hold it against them because it's not often a little girl wants to be a Christmas Tree for Halloween :)  And here's another one of our little smurf...
 We started out just going to a few houses, started off at the Larson's then onto the Millers and Grandmas, but Macy quickly learned that the more houses we went to the more candy she got. We went up on "the hill" and made the rounds up there, and now we have a huge bucket full of candy.. yum!

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