Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Girl Beds!

I got a call from my Mom asking if I would like a set of bunk beds, they were in good condition and she had a friend that was giving them away. Of course! I'm always up for free things, if it's not "my style" I can change it up a little to make it my style. The beds were a light wood color, and they were about 15 years old, so they have their fair share of dings and scratches. They didn't really match Macy's room, so I decided to paint them white! If only I had taken a before picture, but ta-da!

I love them :) The top bunk is about to my chin, which really isn't tall at all. When we move London into Macy's room we need to build a ladder, but that won't be hard since the bed looks like 2x4's. Yay for "free" bunk beds! (After primer, paint, and seal stuff it probably cost me about $70, still way cheaper then a "shabby chic" bunk bed from the store!).

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