Friday, July 8, 2011

Old West Days

Every year Holbrook has what's called "Old West Days". In the past it really has only been the bike/running races in the morning and then some booths in the afternoon. It was a great idea, but nothing really kept you there all day. After I had my bow booth there last year, Kyle and I decided we would get on the board for Old West Days and really try and make it something. There was so much time and planning that went into it and I really think it paid off this year. Kyle and I were in charge of the races this year. Vince Farr has been doing the bike races for years so we handed those over to him and worked on the running races. We put on a half marathon and a 5k. It was a lot of work but I really think the people that ran had a good time and we're looking forward to putting more on in the future.

The actual Old West Days started off with a VIP Dinner Thursday night where we had state historian Marshall Trimble.

Old West Days was hosting a BBQ Competition so they had one of their teams come and cook up some ribs and pulled pork for dinner- it was REALLY good.

This cake was made for the VIP Dinner and got auctioned off at the Native American Dances. Kyle started out the bidding and it went for about $100. A real auctioneer actually won then cake and then donated it back and said that he would auction it off that time. It's crazy how fast they can talk! It was won, given back, won, and given back again and finally the last person that won it kept the cake. After all the "giving backs" the cake made about $500. It was awesome!

These are 3 of the people that were on the Old West Days committee with us!

Chris and Kati and their kids and my parents came up for the weekend and I loved having them here. Chris, my Dad, and my Uncle Greg. rode their bikes in the Bucket of Blood Bike Race while Kati, the kids, and my Mom helped with water stations for the half-marathon.

Dad and Uncle Greg after the bike race.

Kyle letting the runners know some ins and outs about the half marathon course, and Kati and the kids manning their water station. (Thank you guys so much for coming to help us!!)

We hung out, ate BBQ, watched all the entertainment, and wrapped up that night at about 8. It was by far the best Old West Days so far and we really had a lot of fun with all the hardworking people on the Old West Days committee!

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