Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This summer has gone by SO FAST. Like, the fastest ever.
June was filled with being alone at my parents house in the valley. Really, it was. The first week Kyle was a facilitator at the leadership program called HOBY for Sophmores in High School, while my parents were in California for a Gala for the Race Across America. We went back to Holbrook for a week and then went back down to Buckeye so that my parents and Kyle could go on the Race Across America. My dad rode on a 4-man team with my mom crewing for him and Kyle went on another 4-man team and crewed for them. He had a lot of fun and said June was just full of new adventures and experience to put in his book. The girls and I did a lot of laying around the house and went swimming a couple times. After my parents and Kyle got back (after like 11 days) Kyle and I decided to finally make the big purchase and got us a nifty camera. Then Steven, Meghan, and Derek came out for a bbq and we went swimming with them so we used our fun camera for some pictures!

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